The Baby Talk. To stay home or to Work? And why people judge you either way.

Hey all.

So im getting married in a year. And my finance and i have had the baby talk as you should. We are going to try for a baby after the wedding. Well after my 30th because who wants to be knocked up on their 30th haha.

Anyway we know its in our future and we have discussed how it would work. Whos going to drop some work or are they going to go right into daycare ect.

Id never realised how much thought really needs to go into it if you want to be prepared.

I mean how many people get pregnant by accident and everthing seems to work out.

But i like to be prepared it makes me feel better.

So i decided i would like to work part time. Some work from home and a few days in work.

My partner also wants to have a day at home with the baby which would be great.

But the logistics. Will my boss be ok with me working part time from home? I can definitely do most of my job from home. But hes not overly flexible.

If i ask for that will he say no? What then. Do i quit? And not have that income. Seems like alot more pressure on my partner.

Do i crack under pressure and go back full time? But i dont want to. And then i still have daycare to pay for.

Do i then preemptively quit knowing they wont be flexible and try to find something more flexible now?

Then we have to deal with other mothers telling you why you should have done this or that instead. And why what they did was better.

As mothers we are all just trying out best to make nice happy little humans. Why the pressure. What can go wrong if they arnt talking enougj. Or eating right. Or sleeping right.

So much to try and work out. Knowing my life everything i plan will fall apart and we will do it a completely different way. But it will still work out.

Until next time, Em


Can Breaking up be a Bad thing? Yes or No?

Can breaking up be a Bad thing? i think not.. But i could be wrong, i have been before so lets discuss.

So Backstory is, im sitting at work today and some poor buy has had an accident. really not having a great month. its his second accident and hes just broken up with his Girlfriend.

Afterwards one of my co-workers says poor guys that the worst, break-ups are shit. Now this i agree with, Break-ups are shit. Your either hurt and up-set or generally hurt any angry. Either way your not feeling great about yourself.
Being the breaker or breakee doesn’t really matter at this point i think either way is hard.

But i said, well maybe its for the best. She disagreed saying thats never the case.
This i Cant agree with, i think there are numerous circumstances where a break up is not only a good thing but abolutley needed. however even the cases where it wasnt a bad relationship it just ended i still think its a good thing.

Here is why, Say your the one doing the breaking up. If it gets to that point you obviously not happy in the relationship or with them. Or maybe its an unhealthy relationship and you realised you need out. Well then you Get The Hell Out!!…

Lets look at the other side, your the one being broken up with. Yes this Hurts, you may or may not have seen it coming. either way it hurts to hear that someone doesn’t want to be with you anymore, or the real OUCH. Doesn’t love you anymore.

now stay with me, But!! even being broken hearted or upset, do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Isn’t it better the be broken up with then not know they are Resenting you.

Im not saying it hurts any less but it has to be better than that.

Well that all ive got, what do you think?

am i right? do you see a different perspective ive missed?

Looking forward to the discussion continuing.

Until next time, Em

Engagment Party Pressure, Already too hard?

Hello World,

So back in July i got engaged to my amazing man, now fiance while on holidays. After the initial shock, and thinking he was joking i was/am over the moon.

The next morning i called my Mum, as you do, she knew it was coming anyway since Dan(that’s the amazing man i was talking about) had asked my parents permission.

Anyway they were super excited, told all my family and i decided pretty quick we would do an early engagement party..

My thought process in this was, we had been away, were super excited about our news and wanted to celebrate it now, not in 6-9 months.

We are also very simple laid back people, we decided on a nice local pub with some good food and sent out a Facebook invite.

Well some of the comments/looks i got was not what i had expected at all, since when was going to the pub for a few drinks not good enough for our family and friends?

Since when is it less of an important day for us just because it was in a relaxed casual setting? Since when did it have to be a fancy experience for our loved ones to celebrate our happiness with us?

The pressure on  anyone getting married these days is immense.

You need to have the right dress, church, car, band, flowers and now apparently Engagament Party.

Well we don’t work that way, we are going to have the wedding WE want, and hope that the people who are really happy for us will be with us on the day.

What is the point putting all the pressure on yourself for one day? supposedly YOUR day.

Instead of enjoying urself you end up stressing over if they like your dress, did they think you had too much make-up on, did they like the food, will they hate the music.

The most important part is you getting married to the person you love, hopefully surrounded by those who mean the most to you. Focus on that and hopefully you can have an amazing day.

When did it become ok to pass judgement on how someone wants to celebrate the milestones in their life?

For Dan and i, well that means a ceremony on our Block of land, and a party of all parties afterwards. And an Awesome dress..

I hope all other Brides to be the best of luck,

Until next time, Em


First blog post Ever!!!

Hello World,

Well this is it, my First Bolg ever… i know who cares right? But as sad as it is for someone my ages im not actually that great with computers.

Books, im good with books. they dont break down if you touch them too much.

But here i am, Freshly 28 (yes i know, happy birthday to me), trying my hand at something new.  Why? well i love to read so maybe ill also love to write. But mostly because God, some funny and stressful shit happens to me, and who am i to keep that great, deep down giggle you will get from hearing all about it.

so here we go, whats the worst that can happen?

I can’t be the only one not sure that adulting was meant for me, i mean do any of you actually, Really have your shit together?

Only time will tell, until then, enjoy life.

They say it’s the only one you get. Em