Engagment Party Pressure, Already too hard?

Hello World,

So back in July i got engaged to my amazing man, now fiance while on holidays. After the initial shock, and thinking he was joking i was/am over the moon.

The next morning i called my Mum, as you do, she knew it was coming anyway since Dan(that’s the amazing man i was talking about) had asked my parents permission.

Anyway they were super excited, told all my family and i decided pretty quick we would do an early engagement party..

My thought process in this was, we had been away, were super excited about our news and wanted to celebrate it now, not in 6-9 months.

We are also very simple laid back people, we decided on a nice local pub with some good food and sent out a Facebook invite.

Well some of the comments/looks i got was not what i had expected at all, since when was going to the pub for a few drinks not good enough for our family and friends?

Since when is it less of an important day for us just because it was in a relaxed casual setting? Since when did it have to be a fancy experience for our loved ones to celebrate our happiness with us?

The pressure on  anyone getting married these days is immense.

You need to have the right dress, church, car, band, flowers and now apparently Engagament Party.

Well we don’t work that way, we are going to have the wedding WE want, and hope that the people who are really happy for us will be with us on the day.

What is the point putting all the pressure on yourself for one day? supposedly YOUR day.

Instead of enjoying urself you end up stressing over if they like your dress, did they think you had too much make-up on, did they like the food, will they hate the music.

The most important part is you getting married to the person you love, hopefully surrounded by those who mean the most to you. Focus on that and hopefully you can have an amazing day.

When did it become ok to pass judgement on how someone wants to celebrate the milestones in their life?

For Dan and i, well that means a ceremony on our Block of land, and a party of all parties afterwards. And an Awesome dress..

I hope all other Brides to be the best of luck,

Until next time, Em



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