First blog post Ever!!!

Hello World,

Well this is it, my First Bolg ever… i know who cares right? But as sad as it is for someone my ages im not actually that great with computers.

Books, im good with books. they dont break down if you touch them too much.

But here i am, Freshly 28 (yes i know, happy birthday to me), trying my hand at something new.  Why? well i love to read so maybe ill also love to write. But mostly because God, some funny and stressful shit happens to me, and who am i to keep that great, deep down giggle you will get from hearing all about it.

so here we go, whats the worst that can happen?

I can’t be the only one not sure that adulting was meant for me, i mean do any of you actually, Really have your shit together?

Only time will tell, until then, enjoy life.

They say it’s the only one you get. Em


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