Can Breaking up be a Bad thing? Yes or No?

Can breaking up be a Bad thing? i think not.. But i could be wrong, i have been before so lets discuss.

So Backstory is, im sitting at work today and some poor buy has had an accident. really not having a great month. its his second accident and hes just broken up with his Girlfriend.

Afterwards one of my co-workers says poor guys that the worst, break-ups are shit. Now this i agree with, Break-ups are shit. Your either hurt and up-set or generally hurt any angry. Either way your not feeling great about yourself.
Being the breaker or breakee doesn’t really matter at this point i think either way is hard.

But i said, well maybe its for the best. She disagreed saying thats never the case.
This i Cant agree with, i think there are numerous circumstances where a break up is not only a good thing but abolutley needed. however even the cases where it wasnt a bad relationship it just ended i still think its a good thing.

Here is why, Say your the one doing the breaking up. If it gets to that point you obviously not happy in the relationship or with them. Or maybe its an unhealthy relationship and you realised you need out. Well then you Get The Hell Out!!…

Lets look at the other side, your the one being broken up with. Yes this Hurts, you may or may not have seen it coming. either way it hurts to hear that someone doesn’t want to be with you anymore, or the real OUCH. Doesn’t love you anymore.

now stay with me, But!! even being broken hearted or upset, do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Isn’t it better the be broken up with then not know they are Resenting you.

Im not saying it hurts any less but it has to be better than that.

Well that all ive got, what do you think?

am i right? do you see a different perspective ive missed?

Looking forward to the discussion continuing.

Until next time, Em


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